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How to add a late fee to a partially paid Dubsado invoice?

Creating a new Dubsado invoice is easy and direct. However, adding a late fee to a Dubsado invoice that's partially paid requires attention at a couple of places.

How to add a Late Fee to a partially paid Dubsado invoice

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How to create and send a new Dubsado invoice

Need help creating your first Dubsado invoice? Watch this YouTube video for step-by-step tutorial where I cover:

  • How are invoices created in Dubsado?

  • How to create a 1-time invoice in Dubsado?

  • How to create hourly invoices in Dubsado?

  • How to create recurring invoices in Dubsado?

  • How to send invoices and accept payments in Dubsado?

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  • Using Dubsado's AutoPay feature


How to add a late fee to a Dubsado invoice that's partially paid?

After creating an invoice, here are the steps to add the late fee to your Dubsado invoice:

  1. Go to Projects → Client project → Invoices.

  2. Add a New Line Item and name it as 'Late Fee'.

  3. Add the late fee amount, add the tax and the category.

  4. Click on 'Add Item'.


How to update the payment plan without error

Steps to update the Payment Plan and the total due:

  1. Under Payment Plan, click 'Edit'.

  2. Click and open the second/next payment installment.

  3. Update the Amount Due to 'Divide equally'.

  4. IGNORE the alert for the time being.

  5. Hit 'Save' and refresh the page.

If done correctly, your remaining installment and total due should now be updated.

Here's a step-by-step visual tutorial for how to add a late fee and update the payment plan without causing an error.


Email template to notify addition of late-fee to your client

Hi [client name],

How are you doing?

I wanted to reach out to you regarding the payment for the outstanding invoice [invoice number] for the [project name].

I noticed that the payment was due on [due date], and I am yet to receive it. Unfortunately, as per our contract, I have paused the work, and a late payment fee of [late-fee amount] has been added for the delayed payment.

I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that cause delays in payment. If everything is fine at your end, I would appreciate the prompt settlement of the outstanding balance.

Please click on the invoice link shared below, and you will be guided to the payment portal to complete the payment. Once received, we can quickly resume work and ensure that everything continues smoothly.

[invoice link]

Looking forward to hearing from you about the payment status and the resumption of work.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,

Deepti Saini


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