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Done-For-You Dubsado Setup

​Complete, custom Dubsado setup for creatives

Does this sound like you?

​You are an online service provider who's feeling....

  • overwhelmed with manual admin work,

  • frustrated with getting technology to work the way you want,

  • intimidated by technology you know could help,

  • tired of wasting precious time you don’t have just trying to figure out where to start....

Then you're in the right place!

You want to make sure there’s quality and excellence in your work, and you take pride in the way you help your clients reach their goals.

But the more your business grows, the more time and effort it takes for you to manually tend to all the steps in your process, like…


  • Responding to new inquiries

  • Creating proposals

  • Onboarding and offboarding clients

  • Sending reminders and follow-ups

.... and remembering all the other little details that keep your projects organized and moving forward, so your clients get their quick wins.

You’re starting to feel stretched to capacity and you’re worried your clients are going to start feeling it too if you don’t do something about it - and fast!​
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You want a solution to hit the ground running in a way that’s actually tailored to your needs and how your business operates.


  • Save 10+ hours per week and $435 USD per client writing emails, scheduling appointments, or tracking invoices using just one tool

  • Bring in 25% more business with client referrals, re-bookings, and new leads

  • Get nearly 5x ROI within one month of system handover

  • Help clients deliver on time with a stellar customer experience, without compromising on work-life balance

"I can't recommend Deepti enough!"

As a tech expert, I felt super guilty to employ someone to do something that I could do myself. But as my business grew, I was wasting more and more time being unorganized.

Then I found Deepti & I can't recommend her enough! Her process was so easy, full of value-adding suggestions to improve the way I was doing things, and has a keen eye for design. Absolutely stunning and smooth. I now have more free time and a superior client experience.

- Melinda Mifsud, Web Designer, Australia

Signature DFY Dubsado Setup


1. Complete DFY Setup

100% custom, full DFY Dubsado Setup complete with workflow automation

3. Client experience and workflow mapping

100% custom, full DFY Dubsado Setup complete with workflow automation

5. System white-labeling

To make your Dubsado truly feel like an extension of your website

7. 1-on-1 training

1-on-1 videos and an extensive resource library to help you master your Dubsado (if you wish to manage it on your own)

2. Audit and consultation

Understanding your vision to audit existing processes, fill in the gaps and revamp

4. Branded, no-code asset designing

UNLIMITED branded assets creation, like forms, emails,  client portal, etc.

6. Business analytics

Invoicing, bookkeeping, project tracking, and more, all automated within Dubsado

8. 30-day HO support

After-handover, 30-day email support to be with you while you learn to actively use Dubsado

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This is for you if...
  • you are an experienced business owner who has clear, defined services with an idea about what your customer journey looks like

  • you are losing business due to delay in responding to new inquiries

  • you want to intentionally grow and scale your business without the overwhelm of added manual admin work

  • you want to automate your client onboarding and offboarding

  • you want to streamline your business backend to fully focus on delivering exceptional results to your clients

  • you want to improve your overall customer experience for 25% more client referrals and repeat business

  • you are doing a full-time corporate job and want to manage your side hustle without compromising on family time

This is not for you if...
  • you are fairly new to the business and are still exploring your customer journey

  • you are offering anything and everything as a service and have no defined packages

  • you don't have the time to answer questionnaires to provide me with the necessary resources for your setup like branding info, currently used forms and emails, etc.

  • you already are using Dubsado built by a professional, and want to add new services or need a workflow revamp (check out VIP Day for this)

  • you want to sell digital products or host your program /course

My Custom Process

#1 Discovery Call and Onboarding

We meet and understand your requirements - to see if we are the right fit for each other and to get you a custom quote.

You make a deposit to officially book a spot on my calendar based on our mutual availability. I typically serve on first-come, first-served basis.

#4 Setup Questionnaire

The Setup Questionnaire is strategically created to:​

  • collect the current assets that we identified from the Experience Mapping Call (like current forms, emails, email signature, etc.)

  • gather the information for the remaining assets.

TIMELINE: 3 days

#2 Brand Questionnaire

After onboarding, I ask you to answer the Brand Questionnaire:

  • for basic brand information like your brand fonts, colors, logo, your pictures, social links, current client journey, etc.;

  • to do some basic integrations that require confidential information like a payment processor, Zoom, etc.​

TIMELINE: 3 days

#5 System Setup

I recreate your current assets, create the missing ones, set up your system, and test out the automated workflows, while you can sit back and relax!

During this time, I consistently stay in touch with you over emails, sharing progress updates or seeking approvals, as we complete the setup milestones.

TIMELINE: 2 weeks

#3 Experience Mapping Call

This is the call where we lay the foundations of your system (& business).


From auditing your current processes to mapping your ideal customer journey, and finalizing your packages, payment plans, appointments, and emails... we cover it all!

TIMELINE: 2-3 hours

#6 Handover & Support

Upon  completion, I hand you over the system, all of the resources, a recorded walk-through, and a training library before meeting for a Live Handover Call.

I then stay with you for a 30-day support period, to help you while you get the hang of the system and learn it inside-out.

TIMELINE: 30 days


Your Investment

Package price starts at $3,700 USD

Payment plans available, at no extra cost

  • 2 equal payments

  • 3 equal payments

You get...
  • Complete, custom Dubsado setup

  • Audit and consultation

  • Customer experience and workflow mapping

  • Unlimited asset designing

  • System white-labeling

  • Business analytics

  • 1-on-1 training

  • 30-day support period


Deepti is highly customer-focused and easy to work with. I now have the tools and processes to enable my coaching business with digitized, efficient, and seamless processes.

I would recommend her to anyone with needs similar to mine.

Robert Easton, Coach, Australia

This is what my clients say about our work together 


  • What parts of my business can I take up and automate in Dubsado?
    Dubsado can streamline and automate a lot of your business processes like: Lead Capture + Follow-Ups Sending Proposals + Contracts with Digital Signatures Invoicing (including recurring invoices) New Client Onboarding Sending Email Communications, Confirmations & Reminders Handover and Offboarding New Team Member Onboarding Calendar Management Bookkeeping Data tracking and analysis
  • Will this automate 100% of my workflows?
    Dubsado has the capability to streamline and automate 100% of your workflows, however, there are certain steps which business owners prefer to take control of (for example, approving a lead). These steps, however, are very quick and can be completed under 2 minutes.
  • How long does the complete Dubsado Setup take?
    After I have received the resources from the client, the complete Dubsado Setup usually takes around 2 weeks (depending upon the number of services and the complexity of the workflows).
  • What would I be helped with during the 30-days support period?
    During the support support period, I hang around and assist you with any technical hiccups, answering questions related to workflows, actions, forms, etc., training you on things you need further support with. The aim of the Live Handover and Extended Support Period is to help you become a PRO yourself for your Dubsado system!
  • What are the Pre-Requisites before Dubsado Setup?
    A functional Dubsado Account Clearly defined services, packages and prices A basic picture of what your current client journey is and how you wish it to look like. In case you don't have a Dubsado account yet, you can avail 20% discount using my affiliate code: SAINI
  • What would be the mode of payment?
    For easy and quick online payments, I offer 3 payment modes: Stripe (default), Wise and Bank Transfer.
  • Can I make more changes/updates after Workflow Mapping Call?
    ONE workflow mapping call (2-3 hours long) is complimentary and sufficient to convey your business process, audit, prepare the roadmap and fill in the gaps. However, if you decide to change the business process/roadmap AFTER our call, we can schedule another PAID Workflow Mapping Call to fit in the new requirements. I suggest coming in prepared and fully participating during our call to avoid re-work .
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