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Reschedule or Cancel appointments in Dubsado

Ever found yourself in a situation where a client needs to reschedule their appointment time? With Dubsado, the process is a cakewalk, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free client experience.

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Steps to reschedule or cancel an appointment in Dubsado

  1. Start by heading to the "Calendar" tab on your left-side menu.

  2. Pick the appointment in question and use the icons at the top right-hand corner. From there, choose between canceling or rescheduling the appointment.

  3. Click ‘reschedule’ and watch a 'Send Email' window appear.

  4. Customize the email content if needed and hit send!

Alternatively, if you already know the new date and time, you can streamline the process by selecting those details directly.

Rescheduling and cancelling appointments in Dubsado
Rescheduling and cancelling appointments in Dubsado

Sending the appointment rescheduling link via email in Dubsado
Sending the appointment rescheduling link via email in Dubsado


What to do if the call time has passed

If the scheduled call has passed its end time, fret not!

Cancel the call and shoot out a fresh link from within the client project or manually update the meeting details if you’re on top of the new timing.

New to Dubsado appointment scheduler?

Here's a handy tutorial to quickly set up your Dubsado scheduler and book client appointments seamlessly!



Dubsado isn't just a tool; it's your gateway to crafting exceptional client experiencees. Embrace its functionalities to effortlessly manage appointments and make rescheduling a hassle-free affair. Remember, a satisfied client journey extends beyond the project's conclusion.

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