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Dubsado Audit

​A comprehensive audit to determine your Dubsado's health (and next steps!)

  • Have you been using Dubsado for a while, but now find yourself spending more and more time making changes to your system? And the automation is, kind of, not working anymore!?

  • You know Dubsado can do so much more than just sending proposals and creating invoices, but aren't sure if you're using ALL of Dubsado's best features?

  • It's been a while since you last revamped your system, but you're facing operational hiccups every now and then, and aren't sure if it's a Dubsado concern or something else.

  • You aren't sure if you really need to invest in a complete Dubsado revamp, or should a VIP Day be enough for you? Or need help determining the next step?

Listen, I get you.


Dubsado System Audit

1. Complete System Audit

A comprehensive 360° analysis and audit of your Dubsado account covering 102 areas under 5 categories

2. Audit Report

A Google Sheet Audit Report with detailed remarks on each area with scores that you can refer to while making updates/changes yourself


3. Summary and Suggested Steps

A summary of what needs your immediate attention and what's working fine, with suggestions on what to do next

4. Price Adjusted in Next Service

If/when you decide to hire me, the cost of the audit gets applied to the cost of a DFY Setup or to a VIP Day

How does it work?

#1 Apply and Answer the Audit Questionnaire

Make the deposit to book your System Audit and answer the Audit Questionnaire that asks for basic information like your client journey, brand colors and fonts, challenges are you currently facing, etc. to help me understand how you run your business.

#2 System Audit

I get into your Dubsado and analyze each and every area of your account and prepare a comprehensive Report that explains what's working and what's not, with ratings and remarks.

#3 Audit Report and Next Steps

I send you a detailed Audit Report with a summary and suggested next steps that help you serve your clients better and faster, and to make the most out of your Dubsado.


$300 USD
What can you can expect
  • A thorough AUDIT REPORT analyzing all areas of your Dubsado account (102 sections under 5 different categories) prepared by a Dubsado expert

  • Knowledge of how efficiently your Dusbado system is working and what more could be done to leverage all of its features and/with more automation

  • Clear, exact steps to take next to upgrade your Dubsado account without second-guessing a huge investment

  • Showing up more confidently in your business and serving clients at premium prices

  • Taking up more projects without the overwhelm by added admin tasks

And also a glimpse at what working with me looks like before making the 4-figure investment!


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