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Streamlining team management using Dubsado: How to efficiently onboard, train, and manage a high-performing team as an agency

Bringing new team members on board and ensuring they integrate seamlessly into your agency's operations can be a daunting task. It's a process that demands time, effort, and precision, especially in a dynamic environment where scaling means frequent hiring.

But what if I told you there's a way to streamline all of this using a tool you're probably already familiar with? That's right, we're talking about Dubsado.

(My client Brianna had no idea we could do it with Dubsado and said “Yes you should bc I had no idea since Dubsado does not talk about it often’ when I thought about sharing it all in a blog post!)

In this blog post:


Why manage your team with Dubsado?

When you're already using Dubsado for client management, it only makes sense to leverage its capabilities for team management as well. With its array of features and customizable workflows, Dubsado empowers you to streamline every aspect of team onboarding, communication, performance evaluation, and offboarding. And who knows, with upcoming feature launches in Dubsado payments, managing team salaries might become an option in the future!


How to manage your team with Dubsado

Let's delve into how you can harness the power of Dubsado to optimize your team management processes.

1. Applications and Interviews

Start the process by setting up a lead capture form within Dubsado to vet applications efficiently. Automate the workflow to seamlessly schedule interview calls, saving you time and effort while ensuring a structured approach to hiring (goodbye ugly Google forms and manual screening processes!).

2. Scope of Work

Keep things transparent by sending proposals through Dubsado, allowing team members to easily review and accept the scope of work.

3. Contract Signing

Once the scope of work is accepted, streamline the contract signing process using Dubsado. From standard contracts to NDAs, ensure all necessary agreements are securely signed within the platform.

4. Team Member Onboarding

  • Paperwork Completion: Simplify the paperwork process for new hires by providing digital forms for tax information, direct deposit details, and emergency contacts.

  • Training and Orientation: Equip new team members with the resources they need to hit the ground running. Organize and distribute training materials effortlessly within Dubsado forms.

  • Client Communication Guidelines: Establish clear guidelines for client communication using Dubsado's questionnaire forms, ensuring consistency and professionalism across your team.

  • Access to Tools and Resources: Grant access to necessary tools and resources using Zapier integrations, making it easy and faster for team members to get started.

5. Communication

Use canned email templates and automated workflows within Dubsado to streamline communication with your team via email. Keep all agency-related correspondence centralized for easy reference and accessibility.

6. Time Tracking

Track team members' time spent on projects directly within Dubsado, simplifying project management and billing processes.

7. Track Payments as Expenses

Easily track team salaries by noting them as expenses within Dubsado projects, providing clarity in your financial records.

  • Don't worry – expenses are kept private, so your team members won't see any sensitive information.

8. Private Portal for Document Management

Imagine never having to dig through your inbox for that signed contract again. With Dubsado's private portal, team members can access important documents and files anytime, anywhere – all securely stored and password-protected.

9. Contract Management

No need to create new projects every time a contract is extended. Simply share the updated terms with your team members using Dubsado's sub-agreements.

10. Performance Reviews

Provide feedback and conduct performance reviews with ease using Dubsado's from, scheduling, and automation features. Keep your team motivated and on track for success.

11. Offboarding

When team members leave, simplify the offboarding process by revoking access to systems (with a ToDo list reminder) and conducting exit interviews, all within Dubsado.



With Dubsado as your team management hub, you can focus on what truly matters—growing your agency and delivering exceptional results for your clients.

Cheers to productivity (and saving money and sanity!).

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