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Dubsado Client Portal 101

Your Dubsado client portal is like a meeting room booked exclusively for you and your clients, that remains active even during your absence. Let's make sure it leaves an ever-lasting impression!

How to add a custom client portal banner in Dubsado

In this blog post:


What is a Dubsado client portal?

A Dubsado client portal is a place that stores all of your client project details like emails, forms, invoices, contract, appointment schedulers, and client information in ONE place.


  • All of your clients get their individual client portal by default

  • No upgrade extra fee required

  • You decide whether you wish to clients portal access or not, by activating or deactivating client's client portal

  • Project information (like workflows, your ToDo list, team assignments, internal links, etc.) are not visible to the client inside their portal

  • The portal Dashboard gives a quick overview of what needs immediate attention, like due invoices, scheduled appointments, pending homework or approvals

Customization options available in Dubsado client portal

The client portal customization is limited to the following 2 options:

  • client portal banner (desktop view)

  • color of portal summary

which is good enough to make it look in sync with your brand, compared to other CRMs that offer no customizations. Let's get to them both here.


How to customize Dubsado client portal and client portal banners

Follow along the steps to update the settings and upload a default client portal banner to your Dubsado:

  1. Log in to Dubsado and open Settings (⚙ gear icon on upper right corner of screen)

  2. Click on Portal

  3. Turn OFF the ‘Welcome Message’ and ‘Logo’ options

  4. Upload respective images on Desktop and Mobile portal banner areas

  5. Change 'Portal Banner Header Color' and 'Portal Banner Header Font Color' to your brand colors

  6. Save the changes (screenshot shared below)

How to add a custom client portal banner in Dubsado?
Settings to customize Dubsado Client Portal


How to add a custom/personalized client portal banner for a VIP Client?

You know you can personalize client portal banners for each client… right?

  1. Simply create a personalized desktop portal banner (or use this FREE template link to design one in Canva Free)

  2. Login to Dubsado → Go to Utilities → Address Book

  3. Find the client name and open contact

  4. Upload custom desktop portal banner and save the changes

PS: Individual portal banner customization is NOT available for mobile version.

How to add a custom client portal banner in Dubsado
Utilities → Address Book


Dubsado Client Portal tips

Not sure how to make the most out of your Dubsado client portal? Here are some cool ways/tips:

1. Client portal banner dimensions

Keep ALL of the important details on the left-hand side (the portal banner is shown from left to right for smaller screens like laptops). Avoid adding details on the right side

  • Desktop client portal banner dimensions: 1800x200 px

  • Mobile client portal banner dimensions: 700 x 400 px

2. Keep your client portal updated and branded

  • Keep the client portal banners updated with your brand colors, logo, fonts, images, tagline, etc.

  • Add your picture & logo whenever possible

3. Client portal access:

  • If not manually set, client email address becomes the default password

  • Give client portal access to relatively bigger projects (like website/brand designing, monthly maintenance, monthly ads, etc.)

Avoid giving client portal access when offering a smaller service, like a consultation call, to avoid the overwhelm of familiarizing clients to another platform for a very short period

  • Activate or Deactivate client portal automatically using the following workflow action: Activate/Deactivate portal; 0 day(s); after all previous actions complete

4. Make it resourceful and easily accessible

  • Embed client portal code on a separate website page for clients to easily access their client portal (without going through their emails for the portal link)

  • Add external links to your client portal using 1-time link option from inside the forms section within the client project


Have another Dubsado client portal question?

And don't forget to download your FREE Canva templates from the button below:


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