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3 steps to test out your just handed-over Dubsado

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

How to test your just handed-over Dubsado & get the most out of your support period? (3 simple steps + 5 tips!)

Dia finally got her brand new Dubsado account after weeks of brainstorming & hard work (& submitting ALLLLL the resources to her Dubsado Pro... yes, it’s all exhausting!)

And now that she has her Dubsado account ready to use, she’s wondering what to do next!?

  • Should I start with working with real clients right away?

  • Or should I first take up 1 client project in Dubsado, learn with it, and then gradually make the shift?

  • Or should I explore first? But I just don’t have the time to watch the tutorials and go through everything!

If, like Dia, you too are overwhelmed by using your brand new ‘ready-for-magic’ Dubsado for the first time ever, then let’s make it easier for you!

How to test out your just handed-over Dubsado?

  • Also: How to make the most out of your Dubsado DFY Support Period?


Here are the 3 steps you can do to test out your just handed-over Dubsado and be a Dubsado Pro of your own system:

Step-1: Create a new project & experience the workflow

​Begin from the beginning.

Start by filling out your lead capture form, book an appointment, send confirmation/rejection emails, complete your booking with a sample transaction, sign the contract, onboard & offboard yourself....basically act as your own client.

Do the actions take place at the right time? Do you feel comfortable & informed at every point?


Step-2: Analyze settings

​Check for notifications, approvals, timings, etc. How many notifications are you comfortable with? Are you able to keep a healthy track of your client’s journey? Do the action timings feel ok?


Step-3: Check for copy & graphics

Lastly, see if the copy feels aligned, the graphics look ok, the dates are correctly marked. Make those small changes, if needed, or reach out to your Dubsado Pro for post-handover support services.


  • Explore all Dubsado features, and make as many mistakes as you can. Like any other tech tool, the more comfortable you’ll get with Dubsado, the better you’ll use it.

  • Whenever in doubt, or in case of questions, first check out the resources your Dubsado Pro has provided you with during the offboarding process. Chances are, you’ll find help to most of the FAQs there.

  • Compile all your questions/doubts together before reaching out to your Dubsado Pro for help/assistance. Record videos & share if possible.

  • Do not hesitate to reach out to Dubsado support at ‘’ or in your Chat support within your Dubsado account.

  • Download/print/make a copy of all the resources (documents, video recordings, templates, emails, etc.) your Dubsado Pro gave you during the handover within your support period. Create a new folder named ‘Dubsado Resources’ on your computer and keep them safe for future reference.


  • Avoid making edits to the workflows unless guided by your Dubsado Pro, as they are usually linked/connected to more than 1 resource (which sometimes are not very evident) and can hamper the functioning of your system.

  • Don’t let go of your support period without experiencing the system completely.

  • Do not hesitate to reach out to your Dubsado Pro in case you feel there are additional requirements (or new changes) that weren’t discussed during your workflow mapping call. At just a small fee, you save yourself (& your business) countless hours of manual work, and serve your clients with a system more efficient than ever.

Final Note

Dubsado is a robust CRM tool because of the endless customizations and automation it offers. If you’re well-versed with day-to-day online tools, the learning curve is not difficult at all.

If you're considering Dubsado and want to have a first hand experience of how Dubsado can change the way you do business, then book a Free Discovery Call today to get blown away!


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