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Full Dubsado DFY Setup in 2 weeks

​Dubsado DFY Service for Brand & Web Designers


Beautiful, efficient systems to enhance client experience and regain time!

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Who is Dubsado for?


Legal Professionals


Web & Graphic Designers

Marketers & PR Professionals

Virtual Assistants

Bookkeepers & Accountants

Hair & Makeup Artists


Event Planners

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Cindee B

Deepti takes the time to understand your business. She crafted incredible workflows, beautiful forms, and came up with creative solutions for my unique needs. I now spend less time juggling repetitive time-consuming tasks, and more time with what is important - my clients!


Melinda Mifsud
Web Designer & Tech Expert

I felt super guilty to employ someone to do something that I could do myself. But as my business grew, I was wasting time being unorganized. Then I found Deepti & I can't recommend her enough! Her process was so easy, full of value-adding suggestions, and has a keen eye for design. Absolutely stunning and smooth. I now have more free time and a superior client experience.


Aneri Desai
Immigrant Career Coach

I was spending about 2 hrs/day before in excel spreadsheets and sending emails from my templates. It gives me chills to even think about those late-night admin work.

I highly recommend working with Deepti - best investment in 2021 with almost instant return on investment. Worth every single dollar!

What my clients say..


What parts of my business can I take up &  automate in Dubsado?

Dubsado can streamline and automate a lot of your business processes like:

  • Lead Capture & Follow-Ups

  • Sending Proposals & Contracts

  • Invoicing

  • Onboarding

  • Email Communications

  • Offboarding

Will this automate 100% of my workflows?

Dubsado has the capability to streamline and automate 100% of your workflows, however, there are certain steps that business owners prefer to take control of (for example, approving a lead).

These steps, however, are very quick and can be completed in under 2 minutes.

How long does complete Dubsado setup take?

After I have received the resources from the client, the complete Dubsado Setup will take around 2 weeks, depending upon the number of services and the complexity of the workflows.

What would I be helped with during the 30-days support period?

During the support period, I hang around and assist you with any technical hiccups, answering questions related to workflows, actions, forms, etc., training you on things you need further support with.

The aim of the Live Handover and Extended Support Period is to help you become a PRO yourself for your Dubsado system!

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About Me!

Hi, I am Deepti, a systems strategist, content creator, and mom.

I live in Gurgaon (near Delhi), India with my family.


I've worked for 7+ years with Vodafone, Huawei & Avaya in Project Management & Coordination roles, before quitting my 9-to-5 and becoming a full-time entrepreneur in April 2021.

I am an Engineering graduate with MBA in Information Systems.


When Covid hit in 2020, the exhaustion from my corporate job and the fear of losing it led me to explore my way as an entrepreneur. 7 months later, I started my own business.


Today, I help purpose-driven moms sustainably scale their businesses by building them efficient systems.

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Dubsado DFY Service

100% custom, fully implemented Dubsado system, complete with:

  1. Workflow Mapping Session

  2. Workflows setup

  3. On-brand forms (no-code)

  4. Canned emails

  5. Client Portal

  6. Complete DFY Setup

  7. Live Offboarding + Training

  8. 30-days post-handover support + Resources

Timeline: 2 weeks

Dubsado DIY Service

A mini 1-on-1 Do-It-Yourself service, where I share with you the roadmap and you DIY the system implementation.


  1. 90-mins Strategy Session

  2. Workflow Worksheet + step-by-step Implementation Guide + Call recording

  3. A 60-mins follow-up call (week-2/3)

  4. 30-days email support

  5. 'How-to' video resource library

Timeline: 1.5 hrs

Download my Service Guide for more info about services, timeline, what's included, pricing, next steps, and more.