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What my clients say...


Melinda Mifsud

As a tech expert, I felt super guilty to employ someone to do something that I could do myself. But as my business grew, I was wasting more and more time being unorganized.

Then I found Deepti & I can't recommend her enough! Her process was so easy, full of value-adding suggestions to improve the way I was doing things and has a keen eye for design. Absolutely stunning and smooth. I now have more free time and a superior client experience.

Laura Scholes 

When I realized it was time to uplevel my business and get a client management system, I was overwhelmed - I'm so busy working in my business and taking care of my clients, I didn't have the time to learn a whole new system and do all of the inevitable trial-and-error.


Enter Deepti. From our first video chat, she took all the stress away about integrating Dubsado into my business. Once I handed everything over to Deepti, all I had to do was sit back and let her do her magic.


She figured out what my onboarding process needed to be in Dubsado and then did all the painstaking work of establishing workflows, creating all my canned emails, and designing all of my beautiful forms. I am just thrilled!


If you've been wanting to make the leap to Dubsado, but have been too overwhelmed, you must get in touch with Deepti. And the best news? She's not just a Dubsado expert (and a meticulous one at that), she's an incredible human being. I couldn't be happier I hired her.


Aneri Desai


Deepti went above and beyond to help automate my client onboarding and off-boarding workflow.


Before working with Deepti, I spent about 2 hours/day in excel spreadsheets and sending emails from my templates. It gives me chills to even think about those late-night admin work. Deepti came in and streamlined the whole process.


She recommended ideas and helped me see the value. Her Dubsado expertise and project management skills are outstanding. Best investment in 2021 with almost instant return on investment. I highly recommend working with Deepti! It’s worth every single dollar.

Taylor Fowler

Having my Dubsado done for me saved me hours of time, which in the past, was truly losing me business because I'd take a long time getting back to excited prospects with customized contracts and proposals done from scratch and sent manually. It has made me more efficient and timely in my communication, directly impacting the business.


Clients have complimented me on how much more professional and involved my process appears.

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Serena M

I was spending more time & energy on systems than the real passion.


Deepti went over and above her realm of work, to help me sort out my work processes. I now have a lot more confidence about my offerings and so much more time to focus on core work. Also, guilt-free holidays are a bonus :)

Melissa Maughn

Working with Deepti was such an incredible experience. When you know that your business is in the safe hands of someone who is truly PROFESSIONAL and cares about your project as much as you do, you can't go wrong. Her expertise shows through and through. If I thought I forgot something, Deepti already had it covered. She asked me questions when needed and always kept my clients' experiences at the top of her mind. She always wants people to have great support and make their journey enjoyable and easy.


Thank you so much, Deepti! 

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Takshi Chopra

Precision, Perfection, Professionalism & Perseverance - are the words that I use to describe Deepti's services.

I took Deepti's DIY Service to refine my onboarding process as delivering the best client experience matters the most for me.

Deepti delivered beyond my expectations. From reviewing my workflows to suggesting better ones, Deepti has been a great help. If you are looking for someone to take over and automate your processes - Deepti is definitely your girl.

Jace Frazel

Deepti is fantastic! The way her mind works is insane thinking 12 steps ahead.


I had no organization in my Dubsado, but she was happy to get on a call, walk me through everything, and implement in the backend. Without her, I would have missed a million tiny things and she's saved me hours of time per year doing admin work. Now my business can run more efficiently, thanks to Deepti.

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Ruhi Drysdale

Deepti made the process of setting up Dubsado, funnels, and every details, flawless! She was amazing to work with, efficient and wonderful at communicating with me on my own needs and what to expect.


I highly recommend Deepti for anyone needing systems set up and would not go anywhere else! She is knowledgeable and beautifully guides you in the systems process.

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